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Twitter Taboos-The Socially Forbidden

Twitter Taboos- What’s looked down on via Twitter. In other words, the things someone vetoed via Twitter, and then others ReTweeted and commented on so many times that it becomes true in the mind of some.

Clothing Line’s-I started to name this section Urban Wear, since Black owned clothing lines such as Rocawear and Dereon have been vetoed by the Twitter Board, but I didn’t for two reasons: #1 Because Urban Wear was already starting to lose it’s cool for whatever reason even before Twitter became as popular as it is. And #2, it’s not just urban wear. I’ve seen Aeropostale and even Hollister deemed unacceptable for wear. Why? Because too many people wear it I guess. If it’s too popular or well-known it’s not cool. Remember this. (According to Twitter).

U.S.P.A-I’m Sorry, but USPA needed it’s own category. This one is hilarious to me, for those of you who didn’t know, USPA stands for United States Polo Associaton, and is not in any way, shape, or form to be confused with Polo Ralph Lauren. So for you guys who thought you were gonna to get your cool points by investing in these shirts, don’t bother. Teenagers via Twitter will rip you to shreads, possibly Twitpic’ing your outfit, disgracing your new buy. I will be the first to admit I had a cute white USPA sweater in middle school, but will I wear it now? So I can sit in the LOSER section of my Timeline? Don’t think so.

Lacefront Wigs-Let’s face it, unless you’re Beyonce, it’s highly unlikely that you are correctly wearing a Lacefront Wig. Another fashion statement ridiculed via Twitter. But on the other hand, Beyonce DOES wear them, so they can’t be THAT bad. It’s just like other forms of extenstions. Either it will look fabulous, or terrible. It all depends.

Blackberry-Remember when Blackberry was THE phone to have? A little while before Twitter became so popular. With the increase of Androids and iPhone usage, Blackberry seemed to have lost it’s cool in the technology world, even more so in the world of Teenagers and Twitter. #Teams began to form against what phone you have, and pretty soon you were just completely out of the circle if you have any sort of Blackberry. Forbid you have a phone that’s NOT a smartphone. Shame on you.

Soulja Boy– Poor Soulja Boy. The same tweens who posted videos “Cracking That Soulja Boy,” and such, turned into the teens who deemed him as the worst rapper alive. I guess I missed the memo that Soulja Boy put himself in the running for that category. I thought his music was supposed to be simply fun music with a good beat and some dance steps to learn. Maybe Not? Maybe we just outgrew the whole craze, but sheesh, cut the guy some slack.

Sorry 4 The Wait– One Lil Wayne hater tweeted that he hated this mixtape somewhere in the world for whatever reason, causing others to listen to the mixtape with all intentions on hating it, some for a Retweet. What’s the reasoning? It was cooler to hate the mixtape via Twitter than to love it, unless you were that bold individual that did, but you probably only did to be different (and different is good). And don’t feed me the BS that the mixtape was just a bunch of clever punchlines here and there. I didn’t know that all music had to be solemn and deep (in order words, following the strict formula that “real” music is supposed to follow). Come off it.

These are among the thousands of clues to be accepted and being on your way to become a Twitter Celebrity. So thanks Twitter, for warping our individuality as we look to find new ways to be accepted through a social networking site.


The Return of 90’s Nick!

Yes, I may be late but I don’t care. 90’s nick is coming back SERIOUSLY! No, it’s not another Twitter rumor like I originally thought.. It came straight from KEENAN THOMPSON himself, sitting on the orange SNICK couch..wow, do you remember that?

The fun starts midnight on Monday, July 25th on TeenNick. I guess Viacom finally got tired of the countless petitions, Facebook Like Pages and Internet Hoaxes and decided to bring us those CLASSIC cartoons that we’ve grown up on.

What 90’s Nickelodeon Show are you anxious to see? Rugrats is my all-time fave, but Doug and Hey Arnold! are close runners-up. Not to mention All That, Clarissa Explains it All, Pete & Pete, Keenan and Kel… *screams in anticipation*

Finally I can school my little brother on some real TV.

Dear JK Rowling

JK Rowling,

Ever since I was as young as the age of 8 I was intrigued by your books; I noticed the extreme developement and raw talent in the writing, and I wanted to one day write books and evoke emotion JUST LIKE THAT. To see your books turn into a visual experience must be

AMAZING, to see your words come out of your own imagination, to someone else’s, into the big screen is crazy. To think that an idea you came up with in coffee houses and trains, inspired so many people around the world and given so many people opportunity..such as the cast and crew of the Motion Picture.. is breathtaking.

I had mixed emotions about seeing the last Harry Potter movie; it was something that I have kept up with for so long, and for me to be a junior in college watching the 8th movie left me feeling satisfied but also empty at the same time. But I have to remember that these are movies, and books. Something that I can always go back to and hope to someday share with my own children.

I feel as if you have a different appreciation of the movies if you were an avid reader of the books. I just have to wonder HOW do you keep up with the multiple story lines, big and small through out the whole series? From the development of characters such as Ron and Hermione’s relationship..who knew that the two 11 year olds from the Sorcerer’s Stone would end up being the object of the other’s affection? Or that Neville Longbottom would finally gather up courage? Or that Snape turned out to be, well, NOT evil? And the reasoning? How do you remember where they started?

Coming from a writer, a reader, and a fan of you and of Harry Potter, I would just like to say THANK YOU for providing the world with such an experience, getting children and adults alike excited about reading, and inspiring aspiring writers like myself. Reading Harry Potter was truly an experience in itself!

Sincerely Yours,

The Reddlipstick Blogger

HARRY POTTER FANS: Check out my post on Cliche’ Magazine of the London Premiere of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 HERE

Thank You Demi Lovato!

Even though I just did a post on Demi Lovato’s New Single Skyscraper on the Cliche Magazine website, I HAD to get personal with it. I loved Demi Lovato ever since Camp Rock! Or even When The Bell Rings (LOL) I fell in love with her strong voice.

When she was going through her problems this year it surprised me. Everything seemed so perfect on the outside! It was personal demon she had to deal with, something that was apart of her for a long time. But when she re-emerged better than ever, I was relieved. I was anxious to hear her single!

“Skyscraper” is a song about empowerment; you can hear the way she sings the song that these lyrics really touch her heart; her voice is raw yet powerful at the same time. You can hear the emotion in every note she hits.

I’m so proud of Demi Lovato for not only taking the higher road in dealing with her problems, and not falling into the stereotypical troubled teen star mold, but also channeling it into her craft, which is clearly music. Her new album was rumored to have an R%B feel, which is really going to showcase her voice!

Thank you Demi for being a true role model for pre-teens, teenagers and even young adults who still watch Disney Channel (like myself)!

XOXO, Reddlipstick

Check out her single HERE

Aubrey Jay

Aubrey Jackson, better known to her fans as Aubrey Jay, is an aspiring Pop Singer, to say the VERY least. From her club banger “Love the DJ” to her naughty girl anthem “Bad”, Aubrey jay is diverse in her music. She’s also a motivator for young girls, with her non-profit organization, Aubrey’s Angels, a songwriter, and a college student. Her professional yet approachable personality is what draws her fan-base in, besides her vocal ability, of course. What personally draws me in to Aubrey Jay the most is her drive, and her determination to make it exactly where she wants to go. Her passion for her craft is so evident, that I have no doubts that she will make it where she wants to go. 

How old were you when you realized you wanted to sing?
I realized I could sing, when I was about 15 I participated in my first talent show then, and sung a Disney Classic, and was nervous as all get out, and soon as I sung my last note I got a standing ovation. It shocked my family in the crowd, and myself. It was at that moment that I knew I had something “special going on” 

What was your biggest performance?
 My two biggest performances to date are when I was 17 I got the chance to open for the Univer-Soul Circus when it traveled to my hometown in South Carolina. It was packed with people, I mean wall to wall. I thought I wouldn’t have been able to do it, but I saw my family in the front row and just did my thing! It was an awesome show. My second biggest show was when I opened for the 107.3 Jamz Family Reunion this event alone had up to 30,000 people and luckily I got to perform, Ginuwine and Tank were there too. It was a great experience. 

Do you consider yourself outgoing or bashful? Do you ever get nervous?
I’m Human, so getting “the jitters” before a show is something I will always go through, but over time I have learned to channel the “Nerves” into “Positive Anxiousness” so that instead of fearing the moment I almost anticipate the show, the crowd, and everything in between. 

What’s something you think you could improve on as a performer?
It is a lot that goes into planning a show, and as a perfectionist and performer I tend to over stress things. But I am working on letting go. 

What do you think was your biggest accomplishment so far?

I was nominated for best Female Artist in South Carolina, with the South Carolina Music Awards in 2009. I remember going to the awards just to get the experience and to network, and when the time came to announce the winner for the award, my name was called. It was such a huge accomplishment and truly made me believe that all the people who voted for me do support my music, my style, and me as an artist. I’ll never forget that award! 

You write your own songs. What’s your favorite?
Yes, I write all my music, always have and always will. It is the best way to express yourself and show your skills. I love when people ask me my favorite song because I always say I don’t have one, picking my favorite song would be like picking your favorite child. You just cant do it, you love them all! 

What message do you have for other females out there? Young and old?
I have a non profit called “Aubrey Jay’s Angels” where I go to various girl homes in the Upstate and donate school supplies, christmas gifts, etc. I do my best to call girls on their birthdays as well. It is still in the beginning stages, I should have a website up for my Organization soon. My platform as a musician is to put out powerful and positive music, I want to be “clean” and “relatable”.. I want to make being a good girl look “cool” 

You performed at the Julliard School of Music! What was that like?
 It was awesome! It was my first time in New York and I just loved the city, loved the opportunity. It is still one of those moments I can close my eyes and see perfectly! 

You are an aspiring singer as well as a college student. Do you think having a degree is important to being a performer?
When people ask me about being in College and pursuing music I say I give both areas equal amount of attention, I knew I wanted to go to school because I just felt having a degree was valuable as an individual and entrepreneur and necessary for my future goals. I can write music so that I get closer to my dream, and I go to class so that I achieve my degree. It can be difficult at times, but I am doing just fine. 

How are your family and friends supportive of your dreams?
My mother is very supportive, I remember one guy said “You and your mom remind me of Brandy and her mother” and when he said that I didn’t understand, and then it hit me. Brandy was so successful because her mom was always by her side, and had Brandy’s best interest at heart; and that is the same way my mom is with me. She and I are a team, and my family are always at my shows. I know when my time comes I have to thank my amazing mother, supportive family and close friends!

One of Aubrey Jay’s Remixes!

More on Aubrey Jay: 
http://www.aubreyjay.com– The Official Aubrey Jay site, featuring more music!
Follow Aubrey Jay on Twitter!-@aubreyjay4
Subscribe to- youtube.com/aubreyjay4

XOXO, this link!

JoJo’s Cover to ‘Marvin’s Room’

ReddReaders know that I am a huge fan of JoJo, so I definitely had to make this post when I found out that she made yet ANOTHER Drake cover to his new release, Marvin’s Room. Drake’s version stems around a drunk phone call made to an old lover, with the lyrics “F*** that n*gga that you love so bad/I know you still think about the times we’ve had.”

Jojo’s cover of Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better) is the female perspective, with the lyrics “F** that new girl that you like so bad/ She’s not crazy like me, I bet you like that.”

Check out both version’s below, and also a link to my review of JoJo’s mixtape, “Can’t Take That Away from Me” in case you’ve missed it.

XOXO, Enjoy!

Link To JoJo’s Mixtape (as well as review)- 

XOXO, this link!

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