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Twitter Taboos-The Socially Forbidden

Twitter Taboos- What’s looked down on via Twitter. In other words, the things someone vetoed via Twitter, and then others ReTweeted and commented on so many times that it becomes true in the mind of some.

Clothing Line’s-I started to name this section Urban Wear, since Black owned clothing lines such as Rocawear and Dereon have been vetoed by the Twitter Board, but I didn’t for two reasons: #1 Because Urban Wear was already starting to lose it’s cool for whatever reason even before Twitter became as popular as it is. And #2, it’s not just urban wear. I’ve seen Aeropostale and even Hollister deemed unacceptable for wear. Why? Because too many people wear it I guess. If it’s too popular or well-known it’s not cool. Remember this. (According to Twitter).

U.S.P.A-I’m Sorry, but USPA needed it’s own category. This one is hilarious to me, for those of you who didn’t know, USPA stands for United States Polo Associaton, and is not in any way, shape, or form to be confused with Polo Ralph Lauren. So for you guys who thought you were gonna to get your cool points by investing in these shirts, don’t bother. Teenagers via Twitter will rip you to shreads, possibly Twitpic’ing your outfit, disgracing your new buy. I will be the first to admit I had a cute white USPA sweater in middle school, but will I wear it now? So I can sit in the LOSER section of my Timeline? Don’t think so.

Lacefront Wigs-Let’s face it, unless you’re Beyonce, it’s highly unlikely that you are correctly wearing a Lacefront Wig. Another fashion statement ridiculed via Twitter. But on the other hand, Beyonce DOES wear them, so they can’t be THAT bad. It’s just like other forms of extenstions. Either it will look fabulous, or terrible. It all depends.

Blackberry-Remember when Blackberry was THE phone to have? A little while before Twitter became so popular. With the increase of Androids and iPhone usage, Blackberry seemed to have lost it’s cool in the technology world, even more so in the world of Teenagers and Twitter. #Teams began to form against what phone you have, and pretty soon you were just completely out of the circle if you have any sort of Blackberry. Forbid you have a phone that’s NOT a smartphone. Shame on you.

Soulja Boy– Poor Soulja Boy. The same tweens who posted videos “Cracking That Soulja Boy,” and such, turned into the teens who deemed him as the worst rapper alive. I guess I missed the memo that Soulja Boy put himself in the running for that category. I thought his music was supposed to be simply fun music with a good beat and some dance steps to learn. Maybe Not? Maybe we just outgrew the whole craze, but sheesh, cut the guy some slack.

Sorry 4 The Wait– One Lil Wayne hater tweeted that he hated this mixtape somewhere in the world for whatever reason, causing others to listen to the mixtape with all intentions on hating it, some for a Retweet. What’s the reasoning? It was cooler to hate the mixtape via Twitter than to love it, unless you were that bold individual that did, but you probably only did to be different (and different is good). And don’t feed me the BS that the mixtape was just a bunch of clever punchlines here and there. I didn’t know that all music had to be solemn and deep (in order words, following the strict formula that “real” music is supposed to follow). Come off it.

These are among the thousands of clues to be accepted and being on your way to become a Twitter Celebrity. So thanks Twitter, for warping our individuality as we look to find new ways to be accepted through a social networking site.