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Thank You Demi Lovato!

Even though I just did a post on Demi Lovato’s New Single Skyscraper on the Cliche Magazine website, I HAD to get personal with it. I loved Demi Lovato ever since Camp Rock! Or even When The Bell Rings (LOL) I fell in love with her strong voice.

When she was going through her problems this year it surprised me. Everything seemed so perfect on the outside! It was personal demon she had to deal with, something that was apart of her for a long time. But when she re-emerged better than ever, I was relieved. I was anxious to hear her single!

“Skyscraper” is a song about empowerment; you can hear the way she sings the song that these lyrics really touch her heart; her voice is raw yet powerful at the same time. You can hear the emotion in every note she hits.

I’m so proud of Demi Lovato for not only taking the higher road in dealing with her problems, and not falling into the stereotypical troubled teen star mold, but also channeling it into her craft, which is clearly music. Her new album was rumored to have an R%B feel, which is really going to showcase her voice!

Thank you Demi for being a true role model for pre-teens, teenagers and even young adults who still watch Disney Channel (like myself)!

XOXO, Reddlipstick

Check out her single HERE