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The Return of 90’s Nick!

Yes, I may be late but I don’t care. 90’s nick is coming back SERIOUSLY! No, it’s not another Twitter rumor like I originally thought.. It came straight from KEENAN THOMPSON himself, sitting on the orange SNICK couch..wow, do you remember that?

The fun starts midnight on Monday, July 25th on TeenNick. I guess Viacom finally got tired of the countless petitions, Facebook Like Pages and Internet Hoaxes and decided to bring us those CLASSIC cartoons that we’ve grown up on.

What 90’s Nickelodeon Show are you anxious to see? Rugrats is my all-time fave, but Doug and Hey Arnold! are close runners-up. Not to mention All That, Clarissa Explains it All, Pete & Pete, Keenan and Kel… *screams in anticipation*

Finally I can school my little brother on some real TV.