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Aubrey Jay

Aubrey Jackson, better known to her fans as Aubrey Jay, is an aspiring Pop Singer, to say the VERY least. From her club banger “Love the DJ” to her naughty girl anthem “Bad”, Aubrey jay is diverse in her music. She’s also a motivator for young girls, with her non-profit organization, Aubrey’s Angels, a songwriter, and a college student. Her professional yet approachable personality is what draws her fan-base in, besides her vocal ability, of course. What personally draws me in to Aubrey Jay the most is her drive, and her determination to make it exactly where she wants to go. Her passion for her craft is so evident, that I have no doubts that she will make it where she wants to go. 

How old were you when you realized you wanted to sing?
I realized I could sing, when I was about 15 I participated in my first talent show then, and sung a Disney Classic, and was nervous as all get out, and soon as I sung my last note I got a standing ovation. It shocked my family in the crowd, and myself. It was at that moment that I knew I had something “special going on” 

What was your biggest performance?
 My two biggest performances to date are when I was 17 I got the chance to open for the Univer-Soul Circus when it traveled to my hometown in South Carolina. It was packed with people, I mean wall to wall. I thought I wouldn’t have been able to do it, but I saw my family in the front row and just did my thing! It was an awesome show. My second biggest show was when I opened for the 107.3 Jamz Family Reunion this event alone had up to 30,000 people and luckily I got to perform, Ginuwine and Tank were there too. It was a great experience. 

Do you consider yourself outgoing or bashful? Do you ever get nervous?
I’m Human, so getting “the jitters” before a show is something I will always go through, but over time I have learned to channel the “Nerves” into “Positive Anxiousness” so that instead of fearing the moment I almost anticipate the show, the crowd, and everything in between. 

What’s something you think you could improve on as a performer?
It is a lot that goes into planning a show, and as a perfectionist and performer I tend to over stress things. But I am working on letting go. 

What do you think was your biggest accomplishment so far?

I was nominated for best Female Artist in South Carolina, with the South Carolina Music Awards in 2009. I remember going to the awards just to get the experience and to network, and when the time came to announce the winner for the award, my name was called. It was such a huge accomplishment and truly made me believe that all the people who voted for me do support my music, my style, and me as an artist. I’ll never forget that award! 

You write your own songs. What’s your favorite?
Yes, I write all my music, always have and always will. It is the best way to express yourself and show your skills. I love when people ask me my favorite song because I always say I don’t have one, picking my favorite song would be like picking your favorite child. You just cant do it, you love them all! 

What message do you have for other females out there? Young and old?
I have a non profit called “Aubrey Jay’s Angels” where I go to various girl homes in the Upstate and donate school supplies, christmas gifts, etc. I do my best to call girls on their birthdays as well. It is still in the beginning stages, I should have a website up for my Organization soon. My platform as a musician is to put out powerful and positive music, I want to be “clean” and “relatable”.. I want to make being a good girl look “cool” 

You performed at the Julliard School of Music! What was that like?
 It was awesome! It was my first time in New York and I just loved the city, loved the opportunity. It is still one of those moments I can close my eyes and see perfectly! 

You are an aspiring singer as well as a college student. Do you think having a degree is important to being a performer?
When people ask me about being in College and pursuing music I say I give both areas equal amount of attention, I knew I wanted to go to school because I just felt having a degree was valuable as an individual and entrepreneur and necessary for my future goals. I can write music so that I get closer to my dream, and I go to class so that I achieve my degree. It can be difficult at times, but I am doing just fine. 

How are your family and friends supportive of your dreams?
My mother is very supportive, I remember one guy said “You and your mom remind me of Brandy and her mother” and when he said that I didn’t understand, and then it hit me. Brandy was so successful because her mom was always by her side, and had Brandy’s best interest at heart; and that is the same way my mom is with me. She and I are a team, and my family are always at my shows. I know when my time comes I have to thank my amazing mother, supportive family and close friends!

One of Aubrey Jay’s Remixes!

More on Aubrey Jay: 
http://www.aubreyjay.com– The Official Aubrey Jay site, featuring more music!
Follow Aubrey Jay on Twitter!-@aubreyjay4
Subscribe to- youtube.com/aubreyjay4

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JoJo’s Cover to ‘Marvin’s Room’

ReddReaders know that I am a huge fan of JoJo, so I definitely had to make this post when I found out that she made yet ANOTHER Drake cover to his new release, Marvin’s Room. Drake’s version stems around a drunk phone call made to an old lover, with the lyrics “F*** that n*gga that you love so bad/I know you still think about the times we’ve had.”

Jojo’s cover of Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better) is the female perspective, with the lyrics “F** that new girl that you like so bad/ She’s not crazy like me, I bet you like that.”

Check out both version’s below, and also a link to my review of JoJo’s mixtape, “Can’t Take That Away from Me” in case you’ve missed it.

XOXO, Enjoy!

Link To JoJo’s Mixtape (as well as review)- 

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ACTUAL Basketball Wives

The debut of the new season of VH1’s hit Reality TV series ‘Basketball Wives’ debuted last night.
**For more info on the show, check out my Cliche’ Magazine post on the show HERE**
After I did my Cliche’ Magazine  post, I noticed alot of people questioning why the show centers around females who are not ACTUALLY basketball wives (Although some characters have been married to Basketball Players in the past.). One character is even engaged to Chad Ochocinco, who is an NFL player.
These are some of the well-known Basketball Wives out there; and though they aren’t featured on this particular reality show; ironically these ladies have all had one of their own. 
MONICA-R&B Singer Monica is married to LA Laker player Shannon Brown. They’ve been married since November 22, 2010, but the public found out later since the marriage was secretive. Monica had her own reality show, “Still Standing,” to promote her album with the same title.
LALATV Personality Alani “Lala” Vasquez is married to former Denver Nuggets player Carmelo Anthony, who now plays for the NY Knicks. Lala and Carmelo became engaged Christmas Day in 2007; the couple married on June 10, 2010 , which aired on the the Reality TV Show “Lala’s Full Court Wedding”. 
KHOLE KARDASHIANYoungest of all of the Kardashian Sisters, Khole Kardashian was the 1st to get married; and is married to LA Laker player Lamar Odom. Khole and Lamar were engaged for about three weekds before tying the knot on September 27, 2009. The couple then got a spin-off of the show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’  which focused more on the couple called ‘Khole and Lamar’.

KEYSHIA COLE–  R&B Singer Keyshia Cole is just recently got married to Cleveland Cavalier player Daniel Gibson on May 21, 2011. The couple have a son together named Daniel Gibson Jr. Keyshia Cole ‘s reality series ‘The Way it is‘, broke records in 2007 for being the #1 Original Reality TV series of the year. Her album with the same title, debuted at #6 on the Billboard Charts. The show, ‘The Way it is‘ created a spin-off with her mother and sister, ‘Frankie and Neffe‘.
I don’t know about you, readers, but I would love to see a Reality TV Show with all of these ladies TOGETHER. Although the drama of the VH1 series may not be there, these wives already have the fan base that could generate the ratings needed. All of these wives are fairly newlywed, so congratulations and happy marriages to the couples! Maybe a show could come when the couples are little more seasoned.

How do you think the show would be in comparison to the VH1 series?

Meet The Braxton’s

If you thought that Grammy Award singer Toni Braxton was the only talent, loveable member of the Braxton family, then you’ve been hiding under a rock these past few months.
With WE’s debut of the new reality show “Braxton Family Values”, we see a peak into the life of Toni Braxton; following her behind the scenes of concerts as she deals with her Lupis, her bankruptcy.. and her 4 sisters.
The Braxtons may very well give the Kardashians a run for their money (Coming from me this is saying something, I am a HUGE Kardashian fan.) with strong personalities and unquestionable talent as well. The mother Evelyn, was formally an Opera signer and taught the girls how to sing at an early age. All of the sisters were in a group called The Braxtons before Toni locked down a recording contract.



MEET THE BRAXTONS–(from left to right)
Get to know the sisters personality in relation to the show Braxton Family Values
Towanda— Towanda was also very successful musically, playing Lorelle in the Broadway play “Dreamgirls.” She is now Toni’s assistant. On the show Towanda can keep a pretty level head as well (the level levelheadedness dwindles down as the sisters get younger) , except for when dealing with her husband. On the show, Towanda’s tagline is “The Responsible One”, which pretty much wraps her up in a nutshell.
Trina— Trina and Toni resemble each other the most out of the all of the sisters in my opinion. Trina is slightly laid back, but she can also have her dingy moments in the show. Trina’s husband, Gabe has been unfaithful for 5 of the 7 years that they have been together, and the sisters feel as if trying to move past it is making her stressed. All in All, Trina is one of the more gentler sisters on the show
Toni— is the most successful musically as everyone knows, and is also the oldest. On the show Toni is the most laid back of the sisters. She stays calm in hectic situations and knows how to keep a level head, especially when her sisters start their usual arguments.
Traci— Traci’s personalities is one of the strongest of the sisters, she is loud, opinionated, and sometimes brash (the sisters made her attend an etiquette class in one episode), but also humorous. Traci lost the chance of singing background with Toni a while back because she got pregnant around the time. She now wants the opportunity to sing with her sisters again.
Tamar— Last but not least, Tamar. Tamar is the baby of the show, so she fights to make her presence known and very well succeeds. She has one of the strongest personalities of all the sisters, besides Traci, which is one of the reason they constantly butt heads. Tamar is dramatic, loud and obnoxious, and she slowly makes her way from the sister you hate to the sister that you LOVE to hate. Tamar is married to Vincent Herbert, who produces for Lady Gaga, and she plans to make her own solo career, NOT following in the steps of older sister Toni. With all of her “It’s Always my fault.com”‘s and “this is some bull you-know-what.net”‘s, along with antagonizing her sisters, Tamar’s antics make the show an even better watch.

Braxton Family Values comes on every Tuesday night 9pm EST. I suggest that you tune in if you haven’t already. This show is a MUST-SEE.
4.5 out of 5 REDDlips.

Beyonce’s Back.

Beyonce hits the scene again with her new single “Run The World (Girls)”, from her upcoming Album ‘4’. Beyonce has stated that 4 has always been a lucky number for her, being the day of her wedding (April 4, 2008, the day of her husbands birthday (Sean “Jay-Z” Carter, December 4, 1969), the day of her mother’s birthday (Tina Knowles, January 4, 1954) , her own birthday, (September 4, 1981) and of course, the number of albums she will have had under her belt.

Beyonce is known her having her first single off any given album as being an anthem for women (Crazy in Love, Deja Vu, Single Ladies) with big band music and catchy choreography, and the new single ‘Girls’ falls right into line. Now I have to admit that even though I do love Beyonce, I did feel as if the song had to grow on me. I later realized it was because the song was not very radio friendly, and I’m not sure it was a good choice as her FIRST single. BUT, I do realize Beyonce wants to come back into the scene with a bang, which is what she very well did.

Usually when I don’t like a song, after seeing the video it makes the song grow on me a little bit faster. I’ve stated that THIS video, puts you in exact mind of the song. If you love the song, you will probably love the video. If your indifferent about the song, you will probably be indifferent about the video. I don’t feel like the video sways any opinion about the song, which can also be a good thing (if you love the song already, that is).

The video falls directly into the category of Beyonce. Meaning that it has no genre or style of anyone else, a category of her own. The choreography was Beyonce, the fashion was Beyonce, and so was the direction of the video. The fashion was also very couture, which I loved because it had a certain creepy edge without going so far as to actually SCARE viewers like other artists. I noticed that Beyonce has lost some weight in this video; I feel this may be because Beyonce is in a point in her career where being curvaceous won’t be beneficial 😦 which is sad because I loved the curves.

ALL IN ALL: Beyonce doesn’t disappoint, yet I’m not sure if she necessarily WOWs. It was like an upgraded version of the Beyonce genre, without stepping too far out the box. However, the Beyonce genre itself is something amazing.


Fairytale Meets Real Life! (in Terms of FASHION)

Being that Cinderella is my all time FAVORITE Disney Movie, I just had to blog the similarities between Prince William’s wedding wardrobe with the new Dutchess of Cambridge, Catherine (Kate) Middleton, and  Cinderella’s marriage to Prince Charming. Even the Wicked Stepsisters of the Fairytale have resemblance to the William’s Infamous Cousins, Beatrice and Eugenie. Yes, it may be far fetched but entertaining nonetheless. 
**Photos Courtesy of Hollywoodlife.com**